the NeoCharge Smart Splitter

Save thousands on home EV charging install.

Share two EVs or a dryer/EV on one 240V outlet

Avoid panel upgrades and expensive installations

The only UL safety certified Smart Splitter

Auto-switching for circuit protection

Award Winning

Award Winning technology

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Charging an electric vehicle at home using NeoCharge Smart Splitter

The simple way to get home EV charging access

  • Share two EVs or a dryer/EV on one 240V outlet
  • Avoid panel upgrades and expensive installs
  • The only UL safety certified Smart Splitter
  • Auto-switching for circuit protection
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Award winning technology
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World-class safety
Easy self-install
NO panel upgrade
Charge 2 EVs
NEMA 14-50 Smart Splitter

Install yourself. Save money. Take charge.

The Smart Splitter lets you share 240-volt outlets in your home for simple EV charging installation. Share your dryer outlet or plug in both of your cars in minutes, and save time and money getting EV charging access.

How it works

Easy power management between two devices


When your appliance needs power, EV charging will pause


After your car on the left is fully charged, your Second car will start charging

Simultaneous charging

Both cars can charge simultaneously at a lower charging rate.

NOTE: You will need to configure the charging rate in your EV or charger.

Save time and money, like a pro

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NeoCharge customers avoid panel upgrades

A few brands we're compatible with

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Man charging his electric car at home

Charge both your EVs with one 240V outlet

The Smart Splitter makes sharing outlets for EV charging a breeze so you can save money with no panel upgrades, no permits, and no worries. If you’re a renter, you're in luck, just plug in and take charging with you when you move.

Up to 7X faster charging

A standard 120V outlet can take up to 2 days to fully charge up at home. With the Smart Splitter, gain access to the 240V charging you deserve for a full charge in the morning.

Difference between 120V and 240V ChargingDifference between 120V and 240V Charging

You and your family deserve world class safety.

Sleep well at night knowing your Smart Splitter has been thoroughly tested for electrical safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the global leader in tech safety. The Smart Splitter is the only UL listed plug in Splitter and also has an internal software breaker for additional safety.

Beware of non UL Certified and unsafe splitters like the Splitvolt Splitter Switch.

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File number: E507438

Compatible with common
240 volt outlets

Choose your wall outlet

The Smart Splitter is compatible with most 240 volt outlets at home. Whether you have a 30 or 50 amp outlet, you can plug in the Smart Splitter with ease.

Beware of knock off chargers and splitters that aren't UL listed or rated for the outlet in your wall.
Choose your Smart Splitter
All Smart Splitter Configurations
Different NEMA adapters to match with your charger plugDifferent NEMA adapters to match with your charger plug

NEMA compatible adapters

Is your wall outlet different then your EV charger plug? No need to worry! Select a NEMA adapter to match your NEMA 14-50 EV charger plug to the 240V outlet in your wall.

NEMA Adapters

Take Your Charging To The Next Level (Coming Soon)

Easily track your home charging stats, charge up at the cheapest and greenest times, and control your EVs and appliances all in one place. Effortless to connect and it's completely free.

  • Connects directly with your EV and the Smart Splitter
  • Track your home EV charging costs
  • Unified dashboard for your appliances and EVs.
New Smart Charging App
Smart Splitter with Level 2 
EV Charger being plugged inSmart Splitter connected to app

Fast charging, zero hassle

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Pay at your own pace with easy monthly payments.
30 day satisfaction guarantee
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