Setting up home charging should be easy.

But, it isn’t. We’re here to help.

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Why We're Here

As engineers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, we're passionate about creating cleaner, easier, and safer home charging access for electric car owners. We wake up every morning excited to work toward a cleaner and more sustainable future. Our flagship product, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter, provides home renters and homeowners access to fast (Level 2) charging, without having to rewire the home, get permits, or pay thousands for a panel upgrade. 

The new way to charge.

Home charging installation can be painful: 
paying thousands of dollars for panel upgrades, searching for an electrician, and applying for permits. The NeoCharge 
Smart Splitter is easy to install, requires no rewiring, and can save you thousands of dollars on installing.

Take fast and easy charging wherever you go with easy
one-step installation.

Plug your car and appliance into the NeoCharge and get fast charging access at home. The NeoCharge Smart Splitter safely manages

the power for you.

How It Works

Easy charging access.

Start the dryer, and NeoCharge pauses the car for you.

NeoCharge resumes charge when the dryer is finished.


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