Save Time and Money Installing Your Home Electric Vehicle Charging.

Get EV charging at home by sharing your existing 240V circuit with an appliance or two EVs.

Discover the Smart Splitter™

Installing Home EV Charging Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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Doing Our Part to Make Home EV Charging and Electrification More Accessible.

Knowledge is power. But when it comes to using cleaner transportation and energy, many of us aren't sure where to start. We’re here to change that. NeoCharge puts the power of EV charging and home electrification in your hands, protects your home, and allows us all to enable a brighter future ahead.

The NeoCharge team with a Tesla

Here's What People Are Saying

“I provided a customer with a Smart Splitter so he could charge two cars off one NEMA 14-50 outlet I installed last year. When he got his second car, his panel didn't have enough space for a second 240 volt outlet and I charge $3,000 for that kind of panel upgrade. This product saved him thousands of dollars on his setup and I was able to service another customer. Five stars!”

Charlie S.

“After I bought my Nissan Leaf, I got quoted $2,357 to get home EV charging installed, but I couldn’t pull the trigger at that price. I’ve been swapping my EV charger and dryer plug and it's been a huge pain to move my dryer every day. I found NeoCharge and I am using the Smart Splitter as a dryer outlet splitter for my nema 1430 outlet! I never have to worry about swapping my cables anymore because the Smart Splitter handles circuit sharing for me.”

Ahraan V.
Nissan Owner

“I drive a Tesla Model Y and my husband drives an Audi e-tron, but we use the same Juicebox 40 to charge our EVs with our nema 1450 outlet. We thought we could get away with just one Level 2 charger by switching the charger late at night, but it was a huge hassle! We really needed to install Tesla home charging and I couldn't find other 240v splitters that had a UL safety certification. I'm so glad we we're able to use the Smart Splitter instead of switching our charger late at night.”

Ameera K.
Tesla Owner

Award Winning Technology

California Energy Commission

CalTech University's RocketFund

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

How Our Smart Splitter™ Technology Works

Appliance Version

Dual-Car Version

Appliance Version

Dual-Car Version

Charging your EV at home should be easy, but it isn't.

We're here to change that.

Home EV charging installation is expensive and inaccessible. Obtaining home charging access can require multi-thousand dollar panel upgrades and take weeks. Our Smart Splitter™ technology makes home charging installation as easy as plugging in your phone.

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