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The Appliance Splitter

Fast charging at home is easy, right? It’s not that simple. Charging an electric vehicle with your standard wall outlet can take up to 3 days—3 miles of range per 1 hour of charging.

So, what’s the solution? Many EV owners will install a more powerful 220-volt outlet in their garage to get quicker charging. This can cost thousands, require a panel upgrade, and isn’t possible for home renters.


Our Appliance Smart Splitter allows your EV to share an existing outlet with an appliance—wave goodbye to panel upgrades. 

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The Dual-Car Splitter

Wouldn't it be cool if you could charge two EVs at the same time? We thought so.


Our Dual-Car Smart Splitter charges both cars simultaneously at half power. Not your speed? Auto-switching at full power can fully charge one EV, then the other. 


Which version is best for me?   

Share an outlet with your dryer. 


​​​​"After charging with a standard outlet I realized it wasn't going to provide the full charge I needed overnight. I called an electrician and he told me the outlet installation would cost $5,000 and he would have to trench my driveway!


I have a dryer in my garage and my electrician told me I would be able to use the NeoCharge Smart Splitter to share my outlet without needing to rewire my home. I get 18 miles per hour of charge and I saved $4,500 thanks to NeoCharge."

—Peter S.

Charge two cars, without hassle.


​​​​"I was tired of needing to switch my charger between my two cars every night, so they would be charged up in the morning. I needed another outlet installed and I was quoted $3,000 by an electrician to have another 220-volt outlet installed!


With NeoCharge, I can now share my 220-volt outlet with both of my cars, so I don't have to switch my charger between cars. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars and eliminating the need for me to rewire my home!"

—Michael H.

Whether you’re charging one car with your dryer outlet or 2 electric cars with your already installed 220v outlet, hear what our customers have to say about the 2 different versions of our Smart Splitter.


Use your charger as you would normally.

Start the dryer. The Smart Splitter pauses charging automatically.

The Smart Splitter resumes charging once the dryer is finished.


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