We're Changing the Way You Install EV Charging at Home.

Enjoy fast charging at home without any installation headaches and for a fraction of the cost of a panel upgrade.

Self-Installable in minutes. No rewiring or electrical work necessary.

UL safety certified and built with automatic power switching for your appliance and/or cars. No more unplugging needed.

Remotely monitor and manage your charging sessions.

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Headache-Free Home Charging Access

Designed For Your Setup

Our Smart Splitters come in two versions that can be custom configured to best suit your home.

Appliance Smart Splitter

Gain charging access for your EV by sharing an outlet with your appliance. The Smart Splitter handles all of your installation headaches.

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Dual-Car Smart Splitter

Charge both of your cars with one 220 volt outlet, without the installation costs or headaches. Power splitting is automatically handled for you.

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Experience Intelligent Auto-Switching

EV is charging normally.

As the Primary Outlet begins to draw power, the EV pauses charging.

Once the Primary Outlet finishes, the EV resumes charging where it left off.

The Only UL Listed Device of it's Kind

NeoCharge saves lives. Your Smart Spitter™ automatically shuts off whenever something suspicious is detected to ensure your safety. Our devices are UL-Listed and each device is thoroughly tested prior to shipment. All Smart Splitters provide built-in circuit protection to make home charging safer and easier for you.

Get Safe Home Charging

Bring Charging With You

Plug in, and charge your EV without interrupting anyone's schedule. Our Smart Splitters have been designed with mobility in mind. At a mere 2.5 lbs (40 oz.), you can now bring powerful charging access anywhere there's a 220 volt outlet.

Mobilize Your Charging

Here's What People Are Saying.

“I provided my customer with a Smart Splitter so he could charge two cars off an outlet I previously installed. When he got his second car, his panel didn't have enough space for a second 240 volt outlet and I charge $3,000 for that kind of panel upgrade. This product saved him thousands of dollars on his setup and I was able to service another customer. Five stars!”

Charlie S.

“After I bought my Nissan Leaf, I got quoted $1,250 to get home charging, but I couldn’t pull the trigger at that price. I’ve been relying on public charging stations for a little under a year, but the Smart Splitter is exactly what I was looking for! I never have to worry about waiting at charging stations anymore because I get a full charge every night.”

Ahraan V.
Nissan Owner

“I drive a Tesla Model Y and my husband drives an Audi e-tron, but we use the same Juicebox 40 to charge our EVs. Usually, we can get away with just one charger by switching the charge late at night—no more! Other 220v splitters also aren’t safety certified and with the amount of electricity involved, so NeoCharge was a no-brainer for us.”

Ameera K.
Tesla Owner

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