NeoCharge Dryer Smart Splitter

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  • Electric vehicle (EV) Smart Splitter (level 2, 240 volt, 24 amp) that provides easy charging access at home.
  • Plug and play and no need to pay for multi-thousand dollar panel upgrades.
  • Provides up to 6X faster charging than a standard wall outlet; adds up to 18 miles of range per hour.
Appliance Outlet Type

Easy Installation: 

Simply plug in the NeoCharge for charging access and we handle all the power switching for you. The NeoCharge can be configured for a NEMA 10-30 appliance or a NEMA 14-30 appliance.


Great for Home Renters and Homeowners:

Charging access no longer requires expensive panel upgrades, permits, or waiting for an electrician.


UL/cUL Listed:

Built with your safety in mind.



The NeoCharge is only 2.5lbs and you can easily carry it with you to charge at friends or families homes.


Auto Switching:

When you run your dryer the NeoCharge will automatically pause your car charge until the dryer cycle is done- ensuring you never overload your circuit.


LED Charging Indicators:

Light indicators tell you which device is running so you know when your car is charging.


Appliance Compatibility:

Plug into your appliance (dryer, water heater, HPWH)outlet in your garage and share the circuit for EV charging access.


Indoor Installation. Built in the USA.

Links to the User Manual: English French


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