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Collaborate, Connect, and Electrify: The Future of Electric is Integrated

Say goodbye to expensive transformer upgrades due to limited panel capacities in homes. NeoCharge can assist by providing affordable, equitable, and connected access to EV charging and electric appliances in homes, without expensive rewiring and permits.

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Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Helping customers electrify helps you accelerate your electrification goals. NeoCharge’s plug and play abilities help your customers save money on installation and better connect with your demand response programs (support for demand response coming later 2021). It’s a win-win.

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Empower Your Customers with Home Electrification

Take advantage of existing home infrastructure by leveraging low-cost retrofits to get a grip on decarbonization, rate payer growth, and new revenue opportunities.

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So Easy You Can Let Your Customers Handle It

Stop worrying about logistics. Smart Splitters ship directly to your customer with simple self-install instructions. Save resources, time, and start electrifying.

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