Which 240v Outlet Splitter Should I Get? Appliance or Dual EV?

Ryan Meffert

Looking for a way to save hundreds of dollars on your home electric car charging station installation? The NeoCharge 240V (Volt) Smart Splitter is the solution for you! Simply share any existing 240V electric appliance outlet to power your appliance and electric vehicle (EV) charger OR safely power two EV chargers using only one outlet.

The cost of installing a home Level 2 charging station can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. As detailed in a previous post, between the electrical permit, electrical materials, and electrician’s labor, costs can be over $4,000. One of the easiest ways to reduce the installation cost is by utilizing the Smart Splitter. 

Effectively, you can cut out the need to pay for permits, electrical materials, or any electrician labor, with the Smart Splitter. All you will need is a 240 volt outlet, the Smart Splitter and an EV charger. No more expensive electrician costs or time delay on getting the charging access you deserve.  

What is the Smart Splitter?

Many homeowners and renters have an existing 240-volt outlet in the garage or in a room nearby, but it is typically already in use by a core appliance (like a dryer). The NeoCharge Smart Splitter can plug right into that outlet and provide electricity access for both the appliance already using it and an electric car charger. 

Smart Splitter
Smart Splitter by NeoCharge

Yes, the Smart Splitter will intelligently power an EV charger and an electric dryer, stove, or other appliance without any changes to the electrical panel and without adding a new circuit. The secret is that the Smart Splitter automatically switches between your appliance and your car depending on which needs power more urgently.

There are two varieties of the Smart Splitter: Appliance and Dual EV. So, which Smart Splitter should you get? Let’s dive into the details to see which is the best fit for you. 

Appliance Smart Splitter

The Appliance Smart Splitter is perfect for you if you have an existing 240V outlet in or near your garage that is being used by an appliance. The Smart Splitter automatically power switches between your dryer circuit and EV charger socket. Allowing you to easily circuit share for EV charging. 

Common appliances you would find near your garage are water heaters, dryers, and stoves. The most common outlets for appliances would be the NEMA 10-30 (Old Dryer Outlet), NEMA 14-30 (New Dryer Outlet), and the NEMA 10-50 (Electric Range). 

We’ve outlined this for you in more detail here: Best outlets for EV chargers

As a bonus, the Appliance Smart Splitter can also be used when you would like to share an outlet with two appliances anywhere in your home. Common use cases include an electric dryer and an electric hot water heater when electrifying your home. 

Appliance Smart Splitter
Appliance Smart Splitter

Traditionally, a new, dedicated 240V outlet is required for a home Level 2 EV charger. As noted previously, this can cost hundreds, and potentially, thousands of dollars. With the Smart Splitter, getting fast home charging is quick and easy as it should be. 

Another great use case for the Smart Splitter is for renters. In many cases, the landlord does not allow renters to install new circuits in the home. Even if you could, it would be cost prohibitive to pay the landlord for a new 240V outlet. Instead the Smart Splitter can simply plug into the existing 240V outlet and can easily split power. When the renter moves out, all they have to do is simply unplug the Smart Splitter. Voila! 

But wait, there’s more! There are many more appliances that work with the Smart Splitter beyond electric dryers and EV chargers. Appliances such as welders, water heaters, mini-split air conditioners also work seamlessly with the Smart Splitter. 


Amperage: 30 A

Power: 5.7 kW

Outlet Types: NEMA 14-30 (New Dryer Outlets), NEMA 10-30 (Older Dryer Outlets), NEMA 10-50 (Stove/Range Outlets)

Dual EV Smart Splitter

On the other hand, the Dual EV Smart Splitter is just as it seems. It is perfect for two EV or households that want to charge their EVs without expensive electrical upgrades. 

The other variant of the Smart Splitter is the Dual EV. As titled, the Dual EV is perfect for those with two or more electric vehicles. 

Traditionally, if you have two EVs, you would have to either install two circuits for two chargers (expensive!) or switch a single charger plug between the two EVs (not safe!). Both of these scenarios are either unnecessarily costly, time consuming, and unsafe. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way! With the Dual EV Smart Splitter: you can charge two EVs with one 240V outlet. All you need to do is plug in the Smart Splitter into the outlet, plug into the two car chargers into the Smart Splitter, and you’re ready to charge two electric cars!

Dual EV Smart Splitter
Dual EV Smart Splitter

Just like the Appliance version, the Smart Splitter will automatically shift power to the device in need. When the car plugged into the primary outlet (priority) finishes charging, the other car (plugged into the secondary) will begin. 

For example, you plug both your Tesla Model 3 (Primary) and your Chevy Bolt (Secondary) into the Dual EV Smart Splitter from respective individual chargers. The Smart Splitter will fully charge the Tesla and then intelligently switch power to begin charging the Bolt. 

If you have two Tesla’s or even two Level 2 chargers (Chargepoint, Wallbox, etc.) in which you can set the current limit, you are able to split the power between your cars. So you can simultaneously charge both of your cars at 20 Amps on a 40 Amp circuit! 

Say goodbye to expensive electrical panel upgrades, new outlets, electricians, or permits. No need to swap your charger plugs between cars overnight. It’s that easy!


Amperage: 50 A

Power: 9.6 kW

Outlet Types: NEMA 14-50 (Most Common for EV Chargers) and NEMA 6-50 (Less Common for EV Chargers)

Final Thoughts

So which is the right Smart Splitter for you? Are you looking for a cost effective way to power two 240V appliances with one outlet or are you looking to easily charge two EVs

Either way you go, you are sure to save money from unnecessary electrical work. Best of all, the Smart Splitter can be installed in a matter of seconds (without an electrician too!). Check out the video below to see how easy!

Charge on!