Our Story

How We Came To Be

In 2018, two engineers at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo named Spencer and Akhil, put their heads together to understand the problems around driving electric cars. They're great for the planet and have lower maintenance costs, but why doesn’t everyone drive one? Carbon emissions from transportation account for 28% of emissions in the US and electric vehicles are a crucial piece to eliminating these toxic emissions. The problem the two engineers quickly found is that home electric car charging access is expensive and inaccessible to homeowners and renters. Installing charging at home can cost thousands of dollars, requires permits, and is not an option for home renters. Dedicated to making driving an electric car as easy and enjoyable as possible, Akhil and Spencer created the NeoCharge Smart Splitter™ device—making expensive home EV charging access a thing of the past.

Electrifying the Home

We quickly realized that reducing carbon emissions isn’t only about the adoption of electric cars, but also about reducing the usage of gas appliances in homes. With commercial and residential energy usage accounting for an additional 12% of carbon emissions in the US, we discovered our customers could use one 220 volt outlet for two electric appliances with our Smart Splitter™ devices. This means that homeowners and renters can more easily install an electric appliance in their home to replace their gas appliances, without the hassle of a multi-thousand dollar panel upgrade. Things were starting to look bright...

A Cleaner Future

Through developing clean technologies around home electrification, EV charging installation, and clean energy usage, we have been able to bring together people from many different backgrounds to be a positive force in a cleaner future. We passionately believe that what makes companies successful is the diverse group of people that support and provide important perspectives to an organization. We work every day to create meaningful connections and new innovations that will make Earth a cleaner, more sustainable planet.


Our Mission

(It's what we're here to do)

To empower the people with clean and easy electric vehicle charging and home electrification.

Our Vision

(It's why we do what we do)

We believe in a future that is built more sustainably—without the cost of convenience. We think people should be able to make a conscious choice about how clean the energy they use is—and where it comes from. Our goal is to create clean technology and share it with the world.


Spencer Harrison

CEO & Co-Founder

Akhil Veluru

CTO & Co-Founder

Mike Calise

Director & EV Space Expert

Ryan Meffert

Director of Business Operations

Henry Tregenza

Creative Director