Our Mission

To empower our planet with cleaner
and easier electric vehicle charging. 

Our Values

Dedication to Sustainability

Caring for our environment so that future generations can fully experience the wonderful home we call Earth.

Harnessing sustainable energy to provide
communities with clean power.


Upholding a certain level of integrity which
allows complete honesty and transparency.

Striving to be genuine with ourselves,
our customers, and our planet.


Empowering Creativity

Openly sharing ideas to cultivate innovation
and new ways of doing things. 

Sharing our story to inspire others to
take action on what they believe in.

Gratitude and Empathy

Understanding our customers and creating
communities that never stop lending a hand.

Embracing the power of appreciation and
living each day thankful for another.

Learning Passionately

Achieving more through constant learning.

Encouraging change through the pursuit of knowledge.



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75 Higuera St. Suite 120

San Luis Obispo, CA


(858) 952 - 8117


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