NeoCharge User Manual (Appliance)



Indicator LED

Solid Blue: The NeoCharge is receiving power and ready to be used.

Blinking Blue: The Primary device is receiving power

Blinking Green: The Secondary device is receiving power

Blinking Red: The Secondary device is trying to draw more power than the outlet is rated for - Please double check that your current limit on your EV charger or car is set to 24A.

Bracket Installation PDF


Before you Begin:


  1. Locate your electrical panel and identify the breaker that is connected to your appliance. (If you cannot identify this breaker, please shut off the main breaker)

  2. Turn this breaker off to ensure your maximum safety.

  3. Note the current rating of the breaker as you will need this info later to configure your charging rate.

  4. Please visit for NeoCharge recommended Level 2 chargers. If your charger is not listed, please call or text support at (858)-952-8117 with your charger’s model to make sure.



  1. Move your dryer out of the way to gain access to your 220-volt outlet.

  2. Unplug your dryer and verify that your dryer outlet matches the primary outlet on your NeoCharge. 

  3. Plug in the dryer to the primary outlet on the NeoCharge.

  4. Plug in your EVSE (Level 2 charger) to the right side of the NeoCharge.

  5. Take the NeoCharge and plug it into your dryer outlet. Note: You may have to plug it in upside down depending on your outlet orientation.

  6. Move your dryer back to its original place.

  7. Re-enable the breaker that you disabled before the installation, and make sure that the NeoCharge is receiving power by checking the indicator light. 

  8. Configure the current limit (charging rate) in your car or your EVSE app to match the breaker as noted above.

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