Dual-Car Smart Splitter

WiFi-enabled 40-amp Smart Splitter for circuit sharing of 2 electric vehicles.
  • Save thousands of dollars on electrical installations.
  • NEW Wifi connection with smartphone app for energy monitoring.
  • Dynamic LED lights for charging, power, and connectivity status.
  • Built in auto switching for smart home circuit sharing.
  • Up to 7x faster charging access: 40A/9.6 kW.
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What is your return/refund policy? Is there a warranty?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Smart Splitter, you can return the product for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

We also offer a 2-year limited warranty on our Smart Splitters. Please note that this warranty is only valid for use under normal residential operating conditions. Using a Smart Splitter outside of normal residential operating conditions, such as for commercial application, voids the warranty.

Is the Smart Splitter Safety Certified?

Yes, the Smart Splitter is UL Listed, which means it adheres to the highest safety standards for electric vehicle equipment.

What outlets are compatible with the Smart Splitter?

NEMA 10-30 (24A)—Dryers from before 1990
NEMA 10-50 (40A)—Electric Ranges
NEMA 14-30 (24A)—Dryers from 1991—now
NEMA 14-50 (40A)—Installed EV Charging Outlets
NEMA 6-50 (40A)—Installed EV Charging Outlets (Coming Soon)

Can both Smart Splitter outlets output power at the same time?

In standard cases, the Smart Splitter will allow one outlet to run at a time giving priority to the device plugged into the primary output of the Smart Splitter.

However, the Dual-Car version has the capability of simultaneously charging both of your cars at once. The Dual-Car version allows you to configure the charge rate in your car or EVSE to charge both cars at the same time. For your safety, the Smart Splitter will prevent exceeding the outlet's rating.

Does the Smart Splitter have a cord?

The Smart Splitter is not a Level 2 charger and does not have a cord. A Level 2 charger plugs-in to the Smart Splitter! Tesla's come with a Level 2 charger and if you are looking for a Level 2 charger reach out to support@getneocharge.com for our top recommendations on chargers.

Can I customize my output configuration?

In some cases, customization is available. If you would like a custom Smart Splitter, please contact: support@getneocharge.com.

Will the Smart Splitter work with my Tesla(s)?

Yes, the Smart Splitter works with all electric vehicles and pairs very well with Teslas.

What is a Level 2 charger?

Level 2 charging refers to the voltage that the electric vehicle charger uses (240 volts). Level 2 chargers come in a variety of amperages typically ranging from 16 amps to 40 amps. The two most common Level 2 chargers are 16 and 30 amps, which also may be referred to as 3.3 kW and 7.2 kW respectively.

Can I use an adapter to plug into my Smart Splitter?

Yes, you can use an adapter for your EV charger, although we do not recommend using a third-party adapter, these are not

What happens if my car tries to charge at 40 Amps on my dryer outlet?

The NeoCharge has a safety mechanism that can detect when there is an overdraw of current and will automatically disable your charge if you are pulling more power than allowed by the outlet.

Where can I find instructions on installation?

You can find the Dual-Car User Manual here, and the Appliance User Manual here.

How do I become a NeoCharge partner?

Navigate to our Partners page on this website! At the bottom you'll find a form that will put you in touch