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Get $400 back on the Smart Splitter with Tacoma Power!

Tacoma Power customers get a $400 bill credit when they purchase and install Level 2 charging with the NeoCharge Smart Splitter.

How do I qualify?

Step 1

Identify a 240V outlet to share with your EV charger.

Step 2

Purchase the NeoCharge Smart Splitter (if needed, accessories like NEMA adapters and extension cords can be bought on our website or Amazon).

Step 3

Install the Smart Splitter and charger.

Step 4

Claim your $400 by filling out Tacoma Power’s application form.

What's this all about?

As an EV owner, to get fast charging installed you need to be able to plug a Level 2 Charger into a 240 volt outlet within range of where you'd like to charge at home every night. While this may seem like a no-brainer, this can make installing Level 2 fast charging at home a challenge, as many homes are limited by the capacity of their electric panel, and may require an expensive panel upgrade just to add an additional 240V outlet. With that said, 240V outlets are able to be shared between two devices, so long as both devices don't require full power draw from your outlet. This means, that common heavy duty household appliances like dryers and stoves, can be used to share an outlet with your Level 2 charger. 

So, the Smart Splitter...

As a self-installable plug-and-play solution, the 240V Smart Splitter enables convenient charging access while avoiding permanent changes to your home and expensive installations. The Smart Splitter is a load-sensing 240V outlet splitter that lets you power an electric vehicle charger by sharing an existing 240V outlet in your home. For example, you can share your existing dryer outlet to power both your dryer and EV charger, and/or share an existing 240V outlet to power two EV chargers off one outlet.

How exactly?

The Smart Splitter uses intelligent auto-switching technology to safely distribute power between two supported devices. The device plugged into the primary outlet (left-side) takes priority over your EV charger plugged into the secondary (right-side). When the Primary side pulls power, any active session on the Secondary side will automatically pause until the Primary is finished. To prevent the total power drawn from exceeding what your outlets can handle, a built-in safety system will cut power to your devices immediately if needed.

Use Case 1: Appliance + EV

Whenever you need to use your dryer, the Smart Splitter will automatically pause your EV charging and will resume when the dryer is finished.

Use Case 2: Two EVs

Your EV plugged in on the primary side (left plug) will complete its charge, then the Smart Splitter automatically switches to fully charging your second EV that's plugged into the right plug. Something unique to the Smart Splitter is you can actually charge both electric cars at the same time at half speed. So when your electric car or car charger has the ability to adjust the charge rate, you can set both of your cars to charge at the same time at half power (many cars and chargers have this capability).

For more information on the rebate check out Tacoma Power’s rebate page. For more information on the Smart Splitter learn more here.

If you need further assistance please reach out to and our team will be happy to help. 

Still have questions? Explore the Smart Splitter below!

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Install yourself. Save money. Take charge.

The Smart Splitter lets you to share 240-volt outlets in your home for simple EV charging installation. Share your dryer outlet or plug in both of your cars in minutes, and save time and money getting EV charging access.

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World-class safety
Easy self-install
NO panel upgrade
Charge 2 EVs

Save time and money, like a pro

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NeoCharge customers avoid panel upgrades

You and your family deserve world class safety.

Sleep well at night knowing your Smart Splitter has been thoroughly tested for electrical safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the global leader in tech safety.

Plug in and charge up!

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