NEMA 14-30 Appliance Splitter

​​​Safely share your new dryer outlet

Great for renters- no rewiring needed

Portable Access (2.5 lbs)

UL Pending

4x faster charging

(Up to 15mi/hr)

NEMA 14-50 Dual Car Splitter

​​​Charge 2 cars at once

Easy plug-in installation

Portable Access (2.5lbs)

UL pending

6x faster charging

(Up to 25mi/hr)

NEMA 10-30 Appliance Splitter

​​​Safely share your regular dryer outlet 

Great for renters- no rewiring needed

Portable Access(2.5 lbs)

UL Pending

4x faster charging

(Up to 15mi/hr)

Dual Car Splitter


"I was tired of switching my charger between cars every night, to be sure my wife and I had battery to get to work in the morning. I was quoted $3,000 by my electrician to have another outlet installed, but, that was too expensive to be worth it.


With NeoCharge I shared my outlet to charge both cars overnight without having to switch my charger between cars. This saved me thousands of dollars and I didn't need to hire an electrician. Thank you!"

—Michael H.

Appliance Splitter


"After charging with a standard outlet I realized it wasn't going to provide the full charge I needed overnight. I hired an electrician and he told me the outlet installation would cost $5,000 and he would have to trench my driveway. 


I have a dryer in my garage and my electrician told me I would be able to use the NeoCharge Smart Splitter to share the outlet with no rewiring. I get 15 miles per hour of charge and I saved $4500 thanks to NeoCharge."

—Peter S.

"NeoCharge working well.
Dryer gets priority but the rest of the time it's level 2 charging for my car! My 100 amp panel is maxed out so this turned out to be a great option."


—Pete Brambilla

"Easy installation. The hard part was moving the dryer to get to the plug! The perfect solution for my EV."

—Ronald Harvey

 "Super easy to use and carry it with me. Visiting friends for the weekend and using it to share the outlet in the garage."

—Caio Ferraz



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