Home charging just got a whole lot easier.

We provide you plug and play charging access, without rewiring your home.


Charge two cars with one outlet.

The Dual-Car Smart Splitter™ device is designed for safe, easy, and quick home charging access for two electric cars. Gain access to two 220 volt charging outlets in minutes—no need to rewire your home, wait for an electrician, or pay for multi-thousand dollar panel upgrades. Our intelligent sensing lets you charge two cars simultaneously at 30 miles of charge per hour (mi/hr), or charge two at 15 mi/hr.

Supported Outlets

NEMA 10-50

NEMA 14-50

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Appliance + EV

Charge your EV by sharing an outlet with your appliance.

The Appliance Smart Splitter™ is equipped with two outlets, so you can easily share power for home EV charging without needing to rewire your home, wait for an electrician, or pay for a multi-thousand dollar panel upgrade. When you use your appliance, your Smart Splitter™ device will automatically pause EV charging and resume charging once the appliance completes its session.

Supported Outlets

NEMA 10-30

NEMA 14-30

NEMA 14-50

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