The Future is Electric

Are electric vehicles the future? Can a society be absolutely dependent on oil and gas making the change to renewable energy? For the team at NeoCharge, the answer is without doubt a resounding yes. Yes of course society and civilization will be able to transition to renewable energy sources. The following will be a number of quick arguments as to why electric vehicles are the future.

Normally I like to save the best arguments for last but in this case I'll start with the strongest. The number one reason EVs are the future is simple, oil is a finite resource. We will, eventually, run out of oil. When this happens we will have no choice but to make the move to EVs.

For the average driver who is looking to get from point A to Point B, EVs are clear winners for one main reason: they are cheaper to drive and maintain than standard gas powered cars. Electricity is cheaper than gas. EV owners obviously see a rise in their electrical bill. However, they still see a net decrease in costs associated with travel. In all other aspects EVs are identical as gas powered cars. EVs still have all the creature comforts that we are used to. EVs used to look interesting compared to other cars. In the past it was easy to tell what cars were electric, especially with the Chevy Volt or BMWs line of EVs. However, times are changing and modern EVs are often identical to their gas counterparts.

For car enthusiasts the power to weight ratios found in EVs are an obvious choice. EVs are some of the fastest moving vehicles on the market boasting record breaking 0-60mph times and laps on the track that cannot be matched by traditional gas powered cars. In fact, many of the foremost race car manufacturers have electric motors in their vehicles.

For the rest, EV technology is advancing at record pace. If what you need or want is not on the market give it a little time and what you want will be here shortly. EV trucks and EVs for large families are just around the corner. Stay tuned for more from the Electrical Vehicle market and stay tuned to NeoCharge for all the information you need to keep your EV charged and ready for your next adventure.

- Wilson Packard



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