New electric vehicle owners: are you getting the money you deserve in rebates and tax credits?

Buying an electric vehicle is beneficial for you and the environment. State and federal governments agree--so much that they offer rebate incentives for residents to purchase electric. 

If you’re in California, like a majority of EV owners, then make sure to capitalize on the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Those who qualify should meet the following:

-Be an individual, business, nonprofit or government entity based in California.

-Meet income eligibility requirements when you apply:

-Submit an application prior to the available rebate funds and within 18 months of the vehicle purchase or lease date.

If you meet all three of the above, then you’re entitled to the following:

Not in California? Visit to learn about other state rebates.

Federal Tax Credit

The Federal Government provides tax credits depending on your battery and when your EV was delivered, as well.

NeoCharge’s mission is to make it easier for people to own electric vehicles and eliminate barriers to national adoption. You can learn more about NeoCharge home charging here.



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