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I used to grow up dreaming of buying that Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, you name it. Nowadays I find myself thinking..”man I can’t wait to buy my own Tesla”. Call it being a byproduct of growing up in the Bay Area, but the numbers nationwide don’t lie!

Milestones like Tesla building its 1,000,000th car (it was a Model Y by the way) show the increasing popularity and desire for people to join the EV revolution.

EVs make up right around 2% of the total US market which may not sound like a lot, but is actually quite impressive when taking into consideration the growth pretty much year after year. Seeing as in 2011, EVs made up about 0.1% of the market share in the US, shooting up to 2% is nothing to ignore. California alone had more than 500,000 registered plug-in vehicles by the end of November in 2018, and in a little over a year that number has grown to over 600,000.

Now the idea of an electric vehicle is not a new idea by any means. According to the United States Department of Energy, around 1832 is when Robert Anderson developed the first crude EV, but they didn’t become more practical until at least the 1870s. The first EV debuted in the United States from William Morrison in 1889. The introduction of the Model T that was mass-produced made gas-powered cars more readily available, stunting the development of electric vehicles. Fast forward to the year 2000, and you have the first mass-produced hybrid from Toyota, the Prius! This production came after some revised legislation, encouraging automakers to move back into the EV space. 2009 is when we started developing infrastructure to enable nation-wide charging of EVs and since then, there’s been nothing but growth.

EVs have had a long road behind them and have a long road ahead of them as well. There lies so much potential for creating a more sustainable commuting experience for not just people in the US, but worldwide. If we made the switch to all electric or hybrid vehicles, we’d reduce our dependence on oil by 30%-60% while also lowering the carbon pollution from transportation by as much as 20%. It will take time, but with all the initiatives that are already pushing towards a cleaner future, I’m optimistic about the direction that we’re going as a society to have these green dreams come to fruition.

- Daniel Gonzalez



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