Partner with NeoCharge: Streamlining EV Charging Installation Together

Home electrification and EV charging installation is not an easy task. Until now. NeoCharge supports you and your customers with 240 volt installations through a simple plug in products. This means no need for panel upgrades and permits, so you can go above and beyond your goals.

The NeoCharge Partner Ecosystem

Doing our part to make electrification more accessible, together.

Enable Electrification

Eliminate panel upgrades for your customers when they are electrifying their home or installing EV charging.

Smart Connectivity

A connected grid makes renewable energy usage more powerful. Our Smart Splitter™ devices are WiFi enabled to make your outlets smarter and help reduce emissions.

Equitable Electrification Options

We stand by supporting low-income and disadvantaged communities. Home renters don't have the ability to make changes to their home. With NeoCharge, you can provide home renters a solution to gain EV charging and home electrification access.

Meet Our Partners

We work vigilantly with companies and organizations that share our vision and are in business to create a more sustainable planet.

Abstract Energy

Abstract Energy drives down costs on EV charging and solar panel installations encourage renewable energy adoption as quickly as possible.

The Building Decarbonization Coalition

Unites building industry stakeholders with energy providers, environmental organizations, and governments to power California's homes and workspaces with clean energy.

Cleantech San Diego

Cleantech San Diego is a member-based trade organization that positions the greater San Diego region as a global leader in the cleantech economy and smart cities movement.


CURRENT EV brokers EV’s and Hybrids exclusively. They find the right EV or Hybrid for your lifestyle, answer all your questions, arrange test drives and negotiate the best deal for you – saving you time, money and the hassle of doing it yourself.


EVmatch is on a mission to accelerate EV adoption by making charging easy, reliable, and accessible to all. EVmatch is responsible for a nationwide network for sharing and renting private EV charging stations.


The oldest and most trusted company in the Tesla ecosystem, EVANNEX is a family-owned and operated company that loves EVs and cultivates EV enthusiast communities.

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

LACI brings people together to create an inclusive green economy. LACI focuses on empowering startups, convening partnerships, and building community.

LA Solar Group

A leading, customer-oriented solar installation company based out of Los Angeles. LA Solar Group’s mission to encourage energy conservation and efficiency and is a huge promoter of sustainable energy usage and storage.


Caltech's Rocket Fund is a member-supported granting pool that helps academic and garage innovators turn their technologies into commercial realities through financial support, entrepreneurial mentoring, and education.

Sun Country Highway

Sun Country Highway is a Canadian owned company leading the electric vehicle movement by raising awareness and promoting the adoption of zero-emission transportation. Their goal is to turn as many inefficient business models upside-down to create sustainable solutions and reverse their negative impact.


WattTime is a nonprofit that offers technology solutions that make it easy for anyone to achieve emissions reductions without compromising cost, comfort, and function.

Your Energy Solutions

The San Francisco Bay Area’s premier solar panel installer, Your Energy Solutions, educates and informs people on the benefits of solar and makes solar panel installation more accessible to everyone.

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