Take the power of home charging into your own hands

Surge past the barriers of home EV charging. Save on installation, charge up at the best times, and wake up with the full battery you deserve.Be advised to use keywords here (send to SEO team)

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Expensive and Inefficient Charging? You Deserve Better

Installing home charging can be frustrating. We feel you. If your home doesn't have the electrical capacity to add charging, installation costs quickly begin piling up. And as a home renter, making changes to your home is even more of a challenge. We’re here to change that.

We make home EV charging one less thing to worry about

Spend less time and money on home EV charging. Get effortless home EV charging with plug-and-play installation. Plus, NeoCharge Sync (link to app) gives you access to charging insights and advanced controls that take your home charging to a whole new level.

  • Avoid Panel Upgrades
  • Get World Class Safety
  • Self Install in Minutes
  • Save up to $70/mo on your utility bill
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Elon Musk approved

Tweet to Elon Musk saying "so you don't need a high power wall charger to charge your Tesla? You can literally just plug an outlet and call it a day?" and Elon Musk replying "Yeah, just use a dryer outlet. High power, easy to install & low cost."
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I didn't want to get a separate outlet installed because it's really expensive and a lot of labor. With the Smart Splitter, I'm able to plug both my dryer and Tesla charger into one 240 volt outlet.

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Matt Lara
Music Producer & YouTuber
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An excellent option to split your existing 240v circuit if you are a two Tesla home.

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Stephan Longo
VP of Marketing at Repipe Specialists

Convenient Charging Insights

All Smart Splitter come Wifi Connected! This gives you access to the Smart Splitter app which makes it easy for you to track, manage, and stay in the know with your charging.

  • Track Power Usage
  • Notifications
  • Dashboard for your devices
  • Accurately track costs (coming 2022)
  • Charge at the cheapest times (coming 2022)
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Doing our part to enable electrification

NeoCharge is here to put the power in your hands. Our team is fired up to continually provide hardware, software, and education around home EV charging, so choosing electric can truly be effortless. We love what we do and we wouldn't be here without you.

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NeoCharge team in front of an electric carNeoCharge team in front of an electric car

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Thinking about installing EV charging at home?

Save Time and Money Installing
Home Electric Vehicle Charging.

Get EV charging at home by sharing your existing 240V circuit with an appliance or two EVs.

Discover the Smart Splitter™

Installing Home EV Charging Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

a Mission to Protect and Empower

Doing Our Part to Make Home EV Charging and Electrification More Accessible.

Knowledge is power. But when it comes to using cleaner transportation and energy, many of us aren't sure where to start. We’re here to change that. NeoCharge puts the power of EV charging and home electrification in your hands, protects your home, and allows us all to enable a brighter future ahead.

The NeoCharge team with a Tesla

Here's What People Are Saying

"When rewiring a new circuit for one of my customers, he was pretty let down when I quoted him $4,000 for service panel upgrade. With the Smart Splitter it was easy to provide another alternative for EV charging and it definitely made him happy! Thank you for making this product!"

Matt T.
Master Electrician

"We use your two splitters to support 2 EVs, and a HPWH/Induction cooktop, all from a single 100 amp subpanel. Your Smart Splitters enabled us to electrify our home, charge both of our EV's on one 240 volt outlet, and we saved thousands of dollars by not needing a panel upgrade."

Steve S.
Tesla Model S

"Really enjoying using the NeoCharge Smart Splitter. The UL certification got me to pull the trigger. Very excited for the smart charging app coming soon! One last point, I saw the company is based out of SLO. How cool!”

Rene P
Tesla Model 3

Award Winning Technology

California Energy Commission

CalTech University's RocketFund

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Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

How Our Smart Splitter™ Technology Works

Appliance Version

Dual-Car Version

Appliance Version

Dual-Car Version

Charging your EV at home should be easy, but it isn't.

We're here to change that.

Home EV charging installation is expensive and inaccessible. Obtaining home charging access can require multi-thousand dollar panel upgrades and take weeks. Our Smart Splitter™ technology makes home charging installation as easy as plugging in your phone.

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