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Why is it unsafe to use a Y-splitter or a non UL listed splitter?

If the splitter is not rated for UL safety standards we do not recommend using it as it can be a fire hazard. Normal splitters are not safe for shared use by EV chargers and dryers on the same 240v outlet. This happens because both connections are “live” at the same time, and will overload the circuit causing a dangerous situation in which household wiring may potentially overheat and cause a fire hazard. This will also lead to frequent tripping of the household circuit breaker causing loss of household power and requiring manual resets.

Any future product variants?

Our engineering team is always  brainstorming cool new ways to help you out. That being said, we love to hear from you! Please email any suggestions or ideas to support@getneocharge.com.

My laundry room is adjacent to the garage where I can charge my EV, can I still use the Smart Splitter?

The best way to make this work for you will be to have a wall pass through kit installed by a licensed electrician to extend the outlet from the Smart Splitter to the other side of the wall. With this outlet, you can plug in your EV charger like normal, while circuit sharing on the other side of the wall.

Do I need an electrician to install the Smart Splitter?

Your Smart Splitter is able to be self-installed which saves you time and money on your instalation.

What are the maximum voltage and amperage for the Smart Splitter devices?

All Smart Splitter devices are rated for up to 277 volts. The Dual Car Smart Splitter is rated for up to 50 amp circuits (40 amps continous) The Appliance Smart Splitter is rated up to 30 amp circuits (24 Amps continous).

My 220v outlet is far away from where I park my car, what do I do?

We don’t recommend or condone using an extension cord for charging. But as many people still do, make sure to read all relevant specs to make sure the specific cord you’re using is capable of handling the amperage your car needs. The thing to look out for when doing this is to buy an extension that used 8AWG or larger diameter conductors so there's no power loss in the extension.

Are Smart Splitters UL listed?

All Smart Splitters are UL listed and built to the highest safety standards.

What comes with my Smart Splitter?

In the package, you will receive: Your very own NeoCharge Smart Splitter, plus:One (1) Wall Mounting BracketTwo (2) Thumb ScrewsTwo (2) Wall ScrewsUser Manual/QR Code for User ManualUnlimited Smart Power Switching

What are the dimensions of the Smart Splitter?

Height: 5.25"

Width: 5.25"

Length: 2.8"

Can I plug in the Smart Splitter outside?

The Smart Splitter is rated for indoor use only.

Is the Smart Splitter a Level 2 charger?

The Smart Splitter is not a Level 2 charger, it is a smart power splitter that provides you access to an additional 220 volt outlet for charging your car or powering an appliance. The Smart Splitter works well with all EV chargers, EV's, and appliances to keep you powered up.

Are Smart Splitters safe for me to use?

Yes! We have designed our Smart Splitters with your safety at the top of our mind. We understand how important knowing you, your house, your family, and your belongings are safe. Through rigorous testing with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) we have been certified for safety across the US and Canada. All Smart Splitters are UL listed and built to the highest safety standards.

What outlet type is best for me?

See below for the most common outlet types you will find in your home. The NEMA 14-30 is most commonly used for newer dryer outlets, the NEMA 10-30 is most commonly used with older dryer outlets, and the NEMA 14-50 is primarily used for EV chargers.

How do I know if the Smart Splitter is compatible with my home?

The Smart Splitter is primarily compatible with your home if you have a 220/240 outlet near your garage. If you are looking to power two appliances off one outlet, the Smart Splitter will be compatible with a 220/240 volt outlet anywhere in your home.

How much does it cost to install a 220 volt circuit for EV charging?

This depends on a variety of factors including how far your panel is from where you park your car, the geographical region you live in (in some areas electricians are more expensive than others), and how much space you have in your electrical panel. In the case you have space in your electrical panel: You can expect a simple dedicated circuit installation to cost $500-$800 dollars. In the case you do not have space in your electrical panel: You can expect an installation to day a full day for the electrician and can cost anywhere from $1,500 to upwards of $4,000 depending on your home's setup.

My wall outlet is different then my EV charger. Am I able to mismatch the outlets on my NeoCharge?

To comply with the highest safety standards and Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the input and outputs (outlets) on the unit itself cannot be mismatched. If your wall outlet is different from your EV charger, it is suggested to order a high quality adapter to go from a NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 10-30 or to go from NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 14-30.

Browse adapters for the Tesla Mobile Connector here.

Browse adapters for other EVSE setups here.

Which Smart Splitter device do I get?

The Appliance Smart Splitter is perfect for you if you have an existing 220-240 volt outlet in or near your garage that is being used by an appliance. The Smart Splitter allows you to easily circuit share for EV charging. Common appliances you would find near your garage are water heaters, dryers, and stoves. The most common outlets for appliances would be the NEMA 10-30 (Old Dryer Outlet), NEMA 14-30 (New Dryer Outlet), and the NEMA 10-50 (Electric Range).Add'l: The Appliance Smart Splitter can also be used when you would like to share an outlet with two appliances anywhere in your home.

The Dual-Car Smart Splitter is necessary when you would like to charge two cars at home and do not want to install another outlet. Many times it can require expensive rewiring and permits to install a second 220 volt circuit for charging another electric car. This device plugs in and allows you to charge 2 cars on one circuit. Please see below for more details on how it works. The most common outlet types for Level 2 electric vehicle charging would be the NEMA 14-50 (4 prong EV charger) and the NEMA 6-50 (3 prong EV Charger).

Why should I get a NeoCharge Smart Splitter?

The Smart Splitter allows you to safely share an outlet for charging two EV's OR powering an appliance (such as a dryer, water heater, or stove) and an EV on the same 220-volt outlet. The key is that you can now eliminate the need to install a dedicated circuit or a panel upgrade which can cost thousands of dollars depending on your set up.

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