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Outlet Configuration

What outlet type is best for my Smart Splitter?

See below for the most common outlet types you will find in your home. The NEMA 14-30 is most commonly used for newer dryer outlets, the NEMA 10-30 is most commonly used with older dryer outlets, and the NEMA 14-50 is primarily used for EV chargers.

I bought the wrong type of Smart Splitter.

Please text us at 805-774-1700 with an explanation of your situation and your order number. We will ensure this gets fixed for you ASAP.

Do you offer a different output configuration?

To comply with the highest safety standards and Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the input and outputs (outlets) on the NeoCharge itself cannot be mismatched. If your wall outlet is different from your EV charger, it is suggested to order a high quality adapter to go from a NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 10-30 or to go from NEMA 14-50 to NEMA 14-30.

Browse adapters for the Tesla Mobile Connector here.

Browse adapters for other EVSE setups here.

Do you have a 120v outlet version?

Our Smart Splitters are currently compatible with only 220v outlets. This gives you access to even faster charging.

I have a NEMA 6-50 outlet can you still accommodate?

We are in the process of supporting the NEMA 6-50 outlet please text us at 805-774-1700 to check in on this.

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