Frequently Asked Questions
How does the NeoCharge work?


The NeoCharge allows you to plug share with a 220 volt outlet while ensuring the power limits of the outlet are not exceeded. 



Is the NeoCharge UL Certified?


The NeoCharge has passed all tests from UL and is awaiting final assembly line approval.


What are the specifications of the NeoCharge?


NeoCharge is rated for up to 277 volts and 50 amps. This will provide you up to 6x faster charging than a standard wall outlet.


Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in x 3 in



Can I use an adapter to plug into my NeoCharge?


Yes, you can use an adapter for your EV charger, although we do not recommend using a third party adapter.



Why NeoCharge?


No need to pay for an electrician or make any modifications to your home. The NeoCharge will save you time and money on home charging installation and you can take it with you on the go.


Is NeoCharge compatible with my home?


NeoCharge is compatible with all electric vehicles and most chargers. The length of an EV charging cable varies and is usually between 18-25 ft in length, so as long as your car is parked within that range you are good to go.







Is NeoCharge a Level 2 charger?


NeoCharge is not a Level 2 charger. Your Level 2 charger plugs into the NeoCharge!

Can both NeoCharge outlets provide power at the same time?


Yes, the dual car version has the capability of simultaneously charging both of your cars at once. Although, the appliance version is not capable of providing power to both outlets at once. For the dual car version, you can configure the charge rate in your car or EVSE to either charge both cars at half power or one car at full power.


Note: In both cases the NeoCharge will prevent exceeding the outlet's rating.


Can I customize my NeoCharge configuration?


In some cases, customization is available. If you would like a custom NeoCharge, please contact: .



What happens if my car tries to charge at 40 Amps on my dryer outlet?


The NeoCharge has a safety mechanism that can detect when there is an overdraw of current and will automatically disable your charge if you are pulling more power than allowed by the outlet.


Note: You will need to set the charge current limit on your car or charger to 24 amps if you are plugging your NeoCharge into a dryer outlet.


What outlets are compatible with NeoCharge?

  • NEMA 10-30 (24A) - Regular Dryers

  • NEMA 10-50 (40A) - Electric Ranges

  • NEMA 14-30 (24A) - New Dryers

  • NEMA 14-50 (40A) - Installed EV Charging Outlets






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