A Smarter Way To Track And Control Your EV Charging

Easily track your home charging stats, charge up at the cheapest and greenest times, and control your EVs and appliances all in one place. Effortless to connect and it's completely free. (Coming Soon)

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We'll manage your charging and automatically charge your vehicle during off-peak times.
Our platform communicates directly with your EV to make sure your car is ready to go when you need it
Accurately track your energy costs and sessions to make better charging decisions.

Accurately Track Your Power Usage


Get The Most Out of Your Home Charging

NeoCharge is loaded with features to help with your energy tracking and management.

Track Power Usage

Get detailed breakdowns of your energy usage with reports.

Vehicle Integrations

Securely integrate with your Tesla account for more advanced charging and insights (other OEMs coming early next year).

Charge Scheduling

Schedule your charge for the best times for savings.


Stay connected to your EVs. Gain access to your appliance information when using the Smart Splitter.

Remote Charging Control

Control your EV charging

Track Energy Costs

Use your exact utility rates for optimized charging and accurate cost-tracking.

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Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Unlock advanced energy analytics
Save money by charging at off peak times
Decrease your CO2 emissions

Works With Or Without The Smart Splitter

Get your own personalized home charging experience and track what matters most to you. It's completely free so there is nothing to lose. Don't miss out on exclusive access and gifts for those on the waitlist.

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