Who We Are

We're a passionate team of young entrepreneurs devoted to making positive impacts on the planet through the products, services, and education we can provide. We love cleantech and take pride in sharing it with the world.

Our Story

In 2018, the Tesla Model 3 was just starting to take off. Our co-founders Spencer and Akhil, put their heads together to understand the challenges around our transportation industry. Confident that EV's we're the future, they knew where to focus their energy. EV drivers made it clear, home charging installation is expensive and inaccessible, creating massive barriers for the EV world.

The installation of Level 2 EV charging at home can cost thousands of dollars, requires permits, and is not an option for home renters. Akhil and Spencer created the NeoCharge Smart Splitter™—making expensive home EV charging installation a thing of the past.